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Compatec by Wacker Neuson: "Saves a great deal of time and is absolutely reliable"

The company Matthäus Schmid Bauunternehmen near Ulm, Germany is a medium-sized, second generation family-owned company. The company is constantly expanding its machine fleet and in doing so has relied on Wacker Neuson equipment for years. The latest acquisition consists of three DPU 6555Hec vibratory plates with the Compatec compaction control.

The company Matthäus Schmid Bauunternehmen offers a wide range of services that not only covers traditional building and civil engineering, but also special structures made of wood and steel as well as bridge construction to turnkey construction. The company's recent acquisition consists of three DPU 6555Hec from Wacker Neuson. The reversible vibratory plates with a centrifugal force of 65 kN are equipped with the Compatec compaction control. This indicates to the operator via an illuminated display with eight LEDs the relative compaction progress. An additional function is the overload display if the unit is operated on too hard a soil. The operator is notified of this through rapid flashing of all eight LED lamps.

Andree Albrecht, head of the civil engineering department at Matthäus Schmid, reports: "The compaction control display saves us a great deal of time during job site operation. The operator receives information via the clear and easily understandable display about the compaction state of the soil while travelling over it. On the one hand, we save time from unnecessary passes and, on the other hand, the compaction quality on the total area is higher and more uniform from the start."

The solution from Wacker Neuson differentiates itself from all other systems available on the market Compatec was designed as a compact and fully encapsulated unit whose sensor is fixed to the upper mass. In this way, no sensitive signal line – between the sensor and evaluation unit – runs from the lower mass to the upper mass. The system therefore works very reliably and fault-free, the service life of the equipment is extended and the risk of damage is minimized. Compatec can easily be installed in all DPU 6555He as a retrofit kit from the model generation 2011 onwards. Starting in April 2014, the compaction control is also available for the vibratory plates DPU 5545He and DPU 4545He.