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The Contractor Pöttinger Relies On Wacker Neuson's Internal Vibrators

The building contractor Pöttinger is involved with the construction of "Parkside Leopold" – a huge residential complex at Leopoldstraße 250. Its base is perfectly compacted concrete by Wacker Neuson.

Pöttinger is building 11 multi-storey apartment blocks with 174 turnkey apartments at "Parkside Leopold". Only high performance internal vibrators can cope with the enormous amounts of concrete. Wacker Neuson is a reliable partner for this.

The ceiling of one seventh of the underground garage for just one of the apartment blocks alone needs 275 cubic meters of fresh concrete. That means Wacker Neuson's internal vibrators are in continuous use with extreme demands placed on them. A 63 m long concrete pump delivers the concrete directly into the formwork where it is immediately compacted by the construction team. There is absolutely no time to worry about defective equipment. Compaction has to be spot on.

When it comes to reliable concrete compaction, Wacker Neuson's IREN and IRFU internal vibrators are the perfect partners. Their outstanding features are the high-performance electric motors with stable speeds. Wacker Neuson has developed them especially for these tough jobs with wet concrete. "On job sites of this kind of magnitude, internal vibrators are continuously in action. Only if they can withstand this kind of pressure, are they any good to us", says Mario Schneider, Pöttinger's site foreman.

That is no problem for Wacker Neuson. All Wacker Neuson internal vibrators deliver an outstanding compaction performance, are very robust and have an extremely long service life. The IREN models need a converter to be ready for action, such as Wacker Neuson's KTU 2 with its practical cable drum and 25-m power cable. The IRFU models come with a built-in converter and can be connected to the 1-phase power supply quickly and easily. The sealed electronics in the converter housing make them non-wearing.
There are no problems using them with generators and unstable input voltages.

"We use different types of internal vibrators on our building sites – with and without converter", reports Mr. Schneider. "That makes us flexible and, if necessary, we can start compacting without converter as soon as the concrete arrives. However, the majority of our internal vibrators are IREN models."

About 100 employees of Pöttinger and its partners work on this vast building site in Schwabing, Munich. Together with many of Wacker Neuson's equipment, they ensure that the construction project is progressing smoothly. Together they are a well-established, reliable team with a clear aim: first-class compacted concrete.