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Historiske bygninger bevares: Wacker Neuson i brug på Roggendorf-slottet i Pöggstall

Lederne er afhængige af Wacker Neusons maskiner under renoveringen af Rogendorf-slottet i Niederösterreich. Rogendorf-slottet er malerisk beliggende i Niederösterreichs Waldviertel. Slottet, som tidligere havde en voldgrav, blev bygget i det 13. århundrede. Siden november 2015 har virksomheden Mayr Bau udført omfattende renovering af slottet til den nationale udstilling næste år. Der bliver brugt Wacker Neuson-maskiner til renoveringen.

Founded in 1985, Mayr Bau is a family-owned business that focuses on the renovation of historic buildings, such as castles and palaces. The company has been a rental customer of Wacker Neuson in Austria for many years. The track excavator EZ28, the wheel dumpers 4001 and 1001 as well as the mini-excavator 803 dual power are in application for the work on the Rogendorf Castle. 

New utility lines have to be laid around the castle's facilities. Compact construction machines is required here that can be used to drive as close to the walls as possible without damaging them. "The two excavators from Wacker Neuson are the best suited for the job. Using them allows us to precisely excavate the trenches for the utility lines," explains Franz Forster, technical manager at Mayr Bau. The EZ28 is a zero tail excavator, i.e. it has no rear overhang. Thanks to this and its compact dimensions, it is suitable for application along the walls. The mini-excavator 803 dual power can also shine here. With the dual power option, the external electro-hydraulic power unit HPU8 can be connected to this. The power unit allows the excavator to be operated electrically and completely emission-free. The ease-of-handling is particularly relevant for end users. If the excavator is required for demolition, reconstruction or repair work or interior restorations, the operator can drive it with the diesel engine from the truck to the site of operation. Two openings are inset in the dozer blade in which the HPU8 unit can be suspended for transport. In this way, the operator brings along the power unit via this transport support. Once on site, the operator simply connects the external power unit to the excavator's undercarriage. Thus the swing radius over 360 degrees also remains unrestricted in electrical operation, which means full freedom of movement in application.

Mayr Bau chose the two wheel dumpers 4001 and 1001 for the removal of soil with a payload of 1,000 kg or 4,000 kg respectively. Both have a 4-wheel drive and can move optimally on the sometimes uneven ground conditions. They can also due this thanks to their high ground clearance. "With the dumpers, we can quickly and easily remove any accumulating soil and excavated material," says Franz Forster.

Mayr Bau has already been renting its machines from Wacker Neuson for many years. "We are and were always very satisfied with the products of Wacker Neuson and appreciate the close care and supplementary services of Wacker Neuson Austria," says Franz Forster as he praises the close co-operation with the branch in St. Florian. The company has now chosen to purchase a Wacker Neuson machine that is currently being produced - a wheel dumper 4001, which will then also adorn the company color of Mayr Bau.