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New internal vibrators

Wacker Neuson is presenting new equipment for concrete compaction in addition to the previous internal vibrator series IRFU and IREN: The models from the IEC and IE series – with and without integrated electronic converters – combine efficiency output, sturdiness and user-friendliness with a particularly good price-performance ratio. Also new: the HMS series modular internal vibrator system.

With the model series IEC and IE, Wacker Neuson is offering new, high frequency electric internal vibrators in the most common size classes. With the three vibrator head diameters of 38, 45 and 58 millimeters as well as a protection hose length of up to 10 meters, all standard tasks in construction can be completed easily and quickly. 

Wacker Neuson designs, develops and produces the engines themselves and places great value on the highest quality standards. The vibrator head is wear resistant and the protection hose and power cable are characterized by a high bending resistance. Wacker Neuson therefore offers sturdy equipment with a long service life. In the event of damage, the vibrator head can be entirely replaced with little effort. Vibrator head versions with rubber caps, which can prevent damage to the formwork, are also available. 

A thermal overload protection breaker as well as particularly sturdy ball bearings provide for a long service life, even under harsh continuous use. Versions with handle grips also increase the operating comfort. The integrated Bodyguard® protection mechanism with the IRFU models provides for an even better operator protection, since it also protects against any occurring safety problems with the electric power supply. In an emergency situation, the Bodyguard® switches off the equipment within three milliseconds.

Also new: The HMS series modular internal vibrator system can be configured individually with different combinable flexible shafts, vibrator heads and engines, thus offering more flexibility. A quick disconnect coupling ensures simple handling; high wear resistance is achieved through induction-hardened vibrator heads. A selection of combustion engines and electric motors in different performance classes provides for flexibility in the drive system.