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Wacker Neuson machines delivered to A. Enggaard

A. Enggaard has purchased two excavators, a pair of dumpers and some compaction equipment at Wacker Neuson. The drivers chose Wacker Neuson among four brands.

Among the new Wacker Neuson machines at A. Enggaard is an EW100, which is a 10-ton wheeled excavator. It can transport itself at 40km/h on streets and roads, and it was the driver's decision to make the choice of the Wacker Neuson EW100. Engineer René Vestergaard got it short before Christmas, and he is well pleased.

It's surprisingly stable even on twin tires, and so the size of the machine is right. It is strong in terms of its size. We run the most of sewage and coating tasks in Aalborg, so it is very good that we can drive ourselves around the city.

It means a lot to us that it can work all the way, unlike riders, which we have used a lot, says René Vestergaard. The new excavator is delivered with engcon tiltrotator and Leica machine control.

Project leader Leif Birkbak says he first saw Wacker Neuson's 10-ton machine on wheels at Bauma. We have also received a Wacker Neuson EZ80, which is a 8-ton machine on traks. We've had different brands to try and it was the drivers who returned and thought we should buy Wacker Neuson. It is important that drivers are satisfied with the machines, says Leif Birkbak.

The company already has more than 16 tonnes of mobile excavators, which is somewhat larger than the new EW100. Peter Jensen is the fast driver of the new EZ80. He has been driving many different excavators over the years, no later than a 25-ton machine. I've only been driving the new Wacker Neuson for a few days, but it seems to be very good, says Peter Jensen, who is currently working on a large construction site at A. Enggaard in Gjellerup, Aarhus, where the company performs a large office building as an OPP project with Aarhus municipality. A. Enggaard is based in Aalborg and works primarily in Jutland. The company has approx. 400 employees. Here of 60 employees in the construction department. In addition to the excavators, A. Enggaard purchased in the same trade two dumpers with load capacity of 1.0 ton and 3.0 ton, respectively, a DPU6555 vibratory plate of approx. 500 kg and some earth beams.