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No compromises - zero emission solutions by Wacker Neuson and Kramer

In the design and development of their zero emission products, Wacker Neuson and Kramer make no compromises regarding performance or available running time. To provide end users with simple and comfortable handling, diverse application areas and a high cost efficiency, the development engineers exploited the potential of new technologies to the maximum.

The latest additions to the zero emission series are the wheel dumper DW15e, the zero tail mini-excavator EZ17e, the battery-powered rammer AS60e, the vibratory plate AP2560e, as well as the high frequency internal vibrator system ACBe and the excavator EZ26e’s technology study.

“At the forefront of the design work, alongside our new zero emission products, were our customers”, says Alexander Greschner, Sales Director of the Wacker Neuson Group. “Due to the tightening question of emissions, in particular within the inner city area, we are seeing an increasing demand for emission-free solutions. Even the electrically operated wheel dumper DW15e and the two completely electric mini-excavators are real alternatives to the conventional machines when working in areas sensitive to sound and emissions.” It is already possible to operate an entire construction site free of emissions with the zero-emission series, which includes the wheel loader, track and wheel dumper, mini-excavator and even the battery-powered rammer, battery-powered plates and, in future, the internal vibrator systems for concrete consolidation.

Light and maneuverable: Zero tail excavator EZ26e and EZ17e
With the zero tail excavator EZ26e, which was first presented to the public at Bauma, Wacker Neuson provides the battery-operated counterpart to the conventional excavator EZ26. The EZ26e is currently still located in the phase of a technology study. Even more certain is the availability of the second zero tail mini-excavator EZ17e, which will go into production in 2019 and be available from autumn onwards. Both electric excavators fulfill the requirements of equipment rental yards, as they do not require additional training for their service personnel for the maintenance of the machines. If the excavators are one location, for example at an interior demolition, a lithium-ion battery can be charged simultaneously at the household socket or at a mains power connection (express charging process), which increases the machine’s running time over the whole workday. Simultaneously, both zero tail excavators maintain their weight class, inclusive of the battery, and can thus continue to be transported on a car trailer.

Due to their compact dimensions (the battery has been integrated into the motor compartment), the electric excavators can be operated in confined spatial conditions and offer more freedom of movement. This means that the operator does not have to worry about damaging the machine while working close to walls or in confined spaces. The rear of the excavator never protrudes beyond the undercarriage. Therefore, both of the excavators, EZ26e and EZ17e, are excellent for tunnel construction applications, demolition and reconstruction or repair work, and interior room restorations.

DW15e – Removal indoors
The articulated electric wheel dumper DW15e with 4 wheel drive and a payload of up to 1.5 tonnes, provides a sensible solution for the transport of material. The DW15e is equipped with an electric motor for the drive system and another for the work hydraulics, in order to appropriately and independently take on output as needed and minimize energy consumption. When braking the machine or when driving downhill, the energy is fed back into the battery through modern recuperation technology. The energy is therefore not, as usual, converted into heat but is used to charge the battery.

The zero emission product range is completed with a broad range of electric wheel loaders, such as the Kramer 5055e and the Wacker Neuson WL20e, the track dumper DT10e and the battery-operated compaction equipment by Wacker Neuson. Meanwhile, three battery-powered rammers, three vibratory plates and in the future the internal vibrator system can be operated with a lithium ion battery, which has been designed and developed for tough use on a construction site. Whether the internal vibrator IEe, vibratory plates AP2560e, AP1840e or AP1850e, or the battery rammers AS30e, AS50e and AS60e: they are all always ready for use at any time thanks to the modular system with exchangeable batteries. For application in trenches, within buildings and in noise-restricted areas, the battery-operated vibratory rammers of the AS60e range have been expanded to a total of three rammers with electric motors: the smaller model AS30e is a special vibratory rammer for compacting pipe spandrels or branching points, whilst the larger vibratory rammer AS50e and the new AS60e are employed for all traditional vibratory rammer applications. The compaction performance matches that of the respective gasoline vibratory rammers of the same size class.

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